Q4 2021
  • Defining Current DEFI problems
  • Creating possible DEFI solutions
  • Researching all reward token use cases
  • Creating equations for the ultimate reward token use case
Q1 2022
  • Building smart contracts
  • Building website
  • Testing smart contracts and website on testnets
  • Establishing a 5 year plan of sustainability
Q2 2022
  • Deploying TAZOR, TAZ token, and Presale smart contracts on 11 mainnets
  • Releasing Whitepaper
  • Launching Phase 1 of Presale (liquidity generation)
  • Creating written and video tutorials
  • Securing initial partners and marketing campaigns
  • Social Media and Community building
  • Team voluntarily KYC's publicly
  • Launching Phase 2 of Presale (completing initial liquidity generation)
  • Creating LP's for TAZOR and TAZ tokens on BSC
  • Creating LP's for TAZOR and TAZ tokens on FTM, AVAX, and Polygon MATIC chains
  • (Still need to complete 6 other chains)
  • TAZOR and TAZ staking live on BSC is fully activated to allow users to control their APR separately from other users for the 1st time ever on any blockchain! A new DEFI protocol is born!
  • TAZOR and TAZ staking and TAZOR bonding is fully activated on FTM, AVAX, and Polygon MATIC chains
  • (Still need to complete 6 chains)
  • AMA's (Still need 100 more)
Q3 2022
  • Token listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko has been applied for
  • Token listing approved on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
  • Accepting new partnerships from existing projects on 11 blockchains for Tazor bonding
  • Audits
  • Animated video explaining Tazor
  • Massive marketing campaign
  • NFT giveaway
  • Competitions for users to see who can obtain and maintain the highest APR's
Q4 2022
  • Holiday giveaway and community building
  • Philanthropic donations to many different charities
  • End of year major bonuses to top 10 users that maintained the highest APR's for 2022!