We are always available in Discord to offer support and answers to any questions that you may have.
Here are some common questions that you may have:
What happens to my APR if the Overall Market or TAZ tokens price goes down?
In the Tazor protocol, you control your APR, so even if the Market goes down, your APR stays at what you have built it up to!
How many and which Blockchains are you on?
A lot! Over 10 and growing. Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Celo, Ethereum, Fantom, Harmony, Moonriver, Polygon, Songbird, Telos, and Theta. We will keep the website drop down menu updated so that you know all of the chains that we are live on.
Exactly how much of my Staked TAZ will be burned every 24 hours?
A small percentage of Staked TAZ tokens are Burned from a specific user’s Staked TAZ Amount whenever that user Stakes or Unstakes TAZOR, Stakes or Unstakes TAZ, or Claims TAZ Rewards. This small amount is based on the user's staked portion of the entire staking pool.
How does the Protocol make revenue?
Small transaction fees on all platform transactions.
What are the benefits to other Protocols to partner with us?
When other protocol’s reward tokens get closer to the end of their emission schedule, Tazor helps by giving their token an extra use case and protocol liquidity.
What are the benefits to users for using the Tazor Protocol?
  • Earn Passive Income and Control Your APR! The minimum APR is 10% by default, but there is no limit to how high you can make your APR!
  • Because of this, the TAZ reward token has incredible value! It literally controls your APR with no limits! In addition to the TAZ reward token, the Tazor protocol has a primary token called TAZOR that represents your investment and is backed by a Treasury. This allows your investment not to be tied to a reward token.
  • With Tazor, your APR is solely based on the amount of TAZ you have staked! So it doesn’t matter how many users or how much money flows into the protocol, your APR will stay at what you set it to.